Compassionate & Effective

Horse Training


Dressage & Hunt seat

Dressage is the building blocks for all other disciplines and training up until level two is essential for any horse that may show in the future. Therefore, I am taking on the challenge of learning basic German dressage and teaching my rescues in the process. However, hunters is where my passion really is. So, when and where I can, I will share my journey over fences and maybe, one day, how my rescues take to it as well.



Desensitization and variety are both key, forever evolving pieces of the puzzle that makes up a happy horse. A horse that is great on the flat and/or over fences is not living up to his or her potential if trail rides are too stressful. Exposure to new places, sounds, environments, and even animals are all critical to developing the mind of any horse. Trail riding and the challenges of the numerous disciplines western has are fun, new ways to explore HNH horses, now and in the future.



Since the moment I fell in love with horses, I didn’t want a mindless machine, I wanted to bond with their spirits and become life long companions. When I met Autumn, the only way to gain her trust was with +R training mixed in with my own stylistic preferences. Now that HNH is up to three horses, I plan on diving deep into just how far we can go with +R, in and out of the saddle. My goal is to not train for success, but to train for willingness and partnership.