Goal Setting for 2019

Society has a tendency to put a tremendous amount of pressure of what it expects out of twenty-something-year-olds. And to be honest, it is so easy to get wrapped up in all of it. Personally, I have a massive tendency to place the entire world on my shoulders, especially when it comes to the horses and the sanctuary. So, for 2019, I have decided to change they way I make my goals and the method of how I work toward them.

HNH Horses

When it comes to the horses, I have decided to set them each unique goals that don’t have too specific of a timeline and don’t require a particular skill, but are based off of their feel and trust. Each horse has three milestones I would like to help them to hit at some point in the next six months within the number of days I know I can give.



Calm Ground Work (Minimal Baby Play)

Walk, Trot, and Canter Under Saddle

Go On Trail Ride



Desensitize More

Relearn Lunging

Calm Walk, Trot, and Canter



Walk Calmly Around The Block

Start Vocal Cues

Learn Basics Of Lunging

Their goals will take as much preparation as they need to get there. Autumn is only three and loves to throw baby bucks and rears when she is having fun. My main focus is to work her three times a week to see how she progresses on groundwork and liberty. Hopefully, this will solidify her boundaries with me. She is a smart girl with high energy, which means she needs complex stimulation and new experiences to help her grow. Changing the games will be a necessity. Then, she will be much safer to handle and, eventually, ride.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Norman is very sensitive guy. I am going to retrain him from the ground up and only move on to the next step in training when he is consistently calm in the current step. I would love to see him having fun and being brave now that he is sound and his feet look good. His body needs strength conditioning and we are limited in space and functionality. Luckily, I have a neat idea of how to teach him to lunge differently than he has before. Why chase a horse when he can chase you? After all, he’s a much better follower than leader at this stage in his training. Following a safe leader is just what he needs.

Lila is in a category of her own. She is still really green with her handling. Ponies are easy to let sit because they cannot be ridden. Where she lacks in size, she makes up in portability—she is so fun to walk like a dog. We used to go out all the time during the summer, but its been too cold and wet for us to do so recently. Last time we went out, she was not keen on cars speeding by, so we will work on that. I also want her to get plenty of time out with Norman and learn the basics of vocal cue training, possibly even lunging.

But, all of these can take time. I don’t mind how long, as long as we are getting it done right. I never feel pressure to make the horses perform because I only want them to be comfortable, willing, and having fun. There is no pressure, no shows, and no one to impress. Pressure usually only exists when it pertains to how much I can do. 2019 is going to be less about how much I can do and more about how well I can do it when it comes to all aspects of the nonprofit.

Goals for HNH

Now, the world doesn’t work like this, but I would really love to just, all of a sudden, have a beautiful facility for the horses to live in, forever. Instead of hoping, I am devising a game pan to take the next year to get the current horses in front of the right people, those that need their stories most. 2019 is going to be a detailed exploration of how Norman, Autumn, and Lila progress in order to share their failures and triumphs. I plan on documenting, in video and through Tailored Mane, how HNH can help aid horses and people in the process of growth and trust. I feel that if I can develop the media presence we have, we may be able to help more people, as well as make the connections we need to in order to expand. There may be a chance that we can grow before the big expansion; in time we will know. Until then, the only thing in my control is sharing the love these crazy little horses have to give and the heart of our mission. I hope that 2019 helps to lay the groundwork and assist in making the critical decisions awaiting us easier when the time comes. Soon, I will share some of the more lofty goals I have regarding nonprofit’s location being self-sustaining and environmentally friendly. Until then, I hope you enjoy the goals we are going to work toward with what we have been blessed with so far.

For now, remember that there is no time limit to success and that working with what you have is the best place to start any journey.

Best of luck with your goal setting for 2019!