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All good things must come to an end…That way, when they come back, its bigger and better than ever.

Blogging is my escape. It has been and still is a peek into my busy mind and a reflection of where I am at in life. When my grandfather started to fall ill in 2015, I turned to our common love of horses to become even closer to him. Thus, various blogs began as an outlet for my new ways of thinking and a way to share ideas with him. After his passing in 2016, Tailored Mane Blog became my distracting, happy place of advice and reviews. For just about all of 2017, I documented my passion for well priced equestrian goods, the fun I was having with my miracle horse, Autumn, and the relationships and opportunities that blossomed from it.

However, as the summer of 2017 cooled into 2018, my attention shifted. Born after rescuing Norman and Lila, was a year of devotion to my nonprofit, The HNH Sanctuary. Here, my passion for animal advocacy, my heart for humble starts, and my bliss for watching God bless all lives was created. Yet, I never let go of reviews through my Frugal Filly instagram and photography via Tailored Mane Media and Management. Now, I am simply ready to share with everyone a blessed journey of, not only equestrian blogging, but also a story about a human life, drastically molded and dictated by beautiful rescues.

Welcome to Tailored Mane.

I am so glad you are here!


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