August Blog Segments

Journeys all our own. Each uniquely beautiful.


Frugal Filly: Never Too anything

Not being born in the saddle doesn’t mean that you aren’t born to do what you love. Financial disadvantages are just obstacles to work through. Lack of experience and skill are things that can only be fixed by time in the saddle and on the ground. You’re never too late. You’re never too old. You’re never too poor. You are always enough to do what you love, just go for it!


Eyes Up Darling: 7 Years Later

A terrifying injury took Kaitlin seven years out of the saddle. Luckily, it made for en epic comeback story. It is filled with heartbreak, joy, growth, and continues with a handsome chestnut stead, Lexington. Kaitlin is an excellent example of what it means to be brave and to get over the toughest part, getting back in the saddle again.


Joyful Dressage: A Love Letter to The Underdog

An obsession, a spotted pony, and a drive to succeed has lead Bailey on a unique road not many FEI Riders travel. From dealing with a less than ideal trainer to becoming a masterful trainer to her young, spicy Joy, Bailey kept up her fighting spirit and will to dig deeper and work harder than most ever do. Achievement isn't for the few that are at the top of the equestrian circuit, it is really for those willing to do whatever it takes for their horses, firstly, and then their dreams. Here is to the underdogs!


Lily B Rhodes: The equestrian i am today

Life can be altered in a moment. Someone whom knows this well is para-dressage rider, Lily Rhodes. A life long equestrian that had to relearn her way around something once so second-nature. After her amputation, Lily was able to climb back on her pony, strut down centerline with her heart horse, and continues to grow and prosper today!


Connie In Colorado: Bless the lesson horse

Horse ownership isn’t the only way to make a connection in the saddle. For some, lesson horses are the first and only way to grow as a horseman for many years in the saddle. Connie looks back in fondness on the lesson horses that have blessed her life and cultivated her diverse love of horses and disciplines.


Three Roses Equestrian: Living MY Dream

We all love our passions, but the dream that we actually have for our lives varies from person to person. Growth, sacrifice, and a well rounded equine experience have been the major backings for Tara’s passionate journey to what her dream life looks life and is.