About kait

As a life long writer, Kait’s transition into blogging was natural. What started as a passion for figuring out how to afford horses on an adult amateur budget, quickly turned into a daily equestrian review blog that enforced budgeting and making smart fiscal investments in quality products, under the name Frugal Filly.

In the process of exploring blogging, it ended up becoming a connection point for Kait and her grandfather, Jay; later, becoming an outlet after his passing. Amongst her grief, she stumbled across an abandoned little filly and named her Autumn. As that relationship blossomed, so did the driving force behind Kait’s choices and blogging, ending her up with additional rescues, Norman and Lila. In the summer of 2018, The HNH Sanctuary became an official non-profit and officially forced blogging to ride the back burner.

Now that the team is entering into 2019, ready to explore the world together, so is Tailored Mane. Going on her third year of blogging, Kait is gearing up to talk all about products, horsemanship, and life itself! Keep an eye out for topics such as sustainability, western riding, and faith.

Welcome to Tailored Mane!